Vauxhall Opel

Car Erisin Es4960pg 7 Android 9.0 Per Vauxhall Vivaro Opel Astra Corsa Za

Car Erisin Es4960pg 7 Android 9.0 Per Vauxhall Vivaro Opel Astra Corsa Za

Car Erisin Es4960pg 7 Android 9.0 Per Vauxhall Vivaro Opel Astra Corsa Za   Car Erisin Es4960pg 7 Android 9.0 Per Vauxhall Vivaro Opel Astra Corsa Za
Car erisin es4960pg 7 android 9.0 per Vauxhall Vivaro Opel corsa astra za. Visited il nostro negozio troverai una Vasta gamma di.

Key features: this unit is the best for android multimedia system on the market, The Most functions can be Compared with your smartphone 7 all-in-one design for Opel / Vauxhall cars with built-in decoder CANbus. Adopt the newest android 9.0 os pie, 1024600 HD capacitive touch screen, quad core 1512mhz cpu, 2gb ram and 16GB internal storage, media card extended 2/4 usb stick up to 664gb.

It has special harbor for digital tv box, you can connect our digital tv box to accomplish achieve touch operation, and this item can power on the connected DTV box. Built-in dab + app, just connect with our dab + box to use this function.

Built-in tpms app for display tire pressure monitoring system, just connect with our product tpms through usb to use this function, and built-in DVR app, just connect with a USB camera to use because record function. The record will be saved in card / usb storage automatically, and you can play saved record on this unit directly. Support mirror link for iphone and android smartphone. Support Torque Pro (OBD2 & car), you can connect a Bluetooth es350 OBD2 scan tool to use this function.

Most popular and Strongest function: Support 1080p videos / live images / 2160p pictures, supporting PDF / Word / txt / Excel, audio / video / picture media player, surfing internet through 3g / 4g wifi gold, supporting Google online maps and free android offline maps gps navi, get access to Thousands of apps, games on the google play store, keep connected through twitter, facebook, gtalk, gmail, WeChat, skype and other services play popular games like fruit ninja, feed the candy, angry Birds, big fish, air attack ... Google android 9.0 operation system pie, beautiful and fashionable unique design ui - 7 five point touch capacitive screen, 1024600 hD digital screen - quad-core rockchip Px30 industrial-grade chips, cortex a35 cpu 1512mhz - 2gb ram, 16gb internal memory, supporting extended 2 card / 4 usb stick up to 664gb - music / radio / bt-stereo player and clock / date / week can be displayed on main status bar menu - built-in clock and calendar, clock / date / week / time adjustable area, can use gps or network-provided time - mul ti-languages: It has more than 180 languages ​​to select - RGB panel LED colors, you can setup Hundreds of colors through RGB combination - 5 live wallpapers 24 wallpapers, supporting DIY user's wallpaper from gallery pictures - Built-in WiFi internet and media external 3g / 4g internet, 3g / 4g dongle is not included - Support google maps online navigating, you can use gPS navigating if you are in the internet - media android maps navigation, you can use free offline maps navigation. Support android multimedia player, it can play music / movie / photo from local disc or USB / SD. Online entertainment, support online video, TV, movie, music, radio, youtube, yahoo, msn - online communication, keep connected through WeChat, twitter, facebook, gtalk, gmail and other services - supporting read and edit official software, word / excel / powerpoint / pdf / txt. Support google play store, you can download Thousands of apps and games from here.

Support 3D games, HD video, 1080p, h. 264, divx live image formats - Support HD videos up to 1920x1080 pixels, photo up to 40,964,096 pixels - Support Bluetooth hands-free function, built-in microphone and external microphone jack. Support the newest link with mirror and iPhone via wifi with android smartphone via usb wifi gold - built-in disc player for your CD, VCD, DVD ...

Built-in tpms apk, just connect with a product tpms through usb to use this function - built-in dab + apk, just connect a dab / dab + box with USB port to use this function. Built-in DTV apk, just connect a DVB-T / T2 box with special harbor to use this function. Support external DVR / tpms / atm / DVB-T / T2 device av input, touch control and power supply - Support rear view camera input and reverse trigger control - Support steering wheel control, hand brake control - electronic anti-shock, last memory position General - power supply: dC 12V (allowance range: 10.8-14.5v) - max. Read and edit Office software: yes, Support word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, txt audio - Format: MP3, WMA, MP2, OGG, AAC, ma4, flac, ape, wav etc. Could play through song list - Record: MP3, WMA - other: LRC synchronized display; ID3 search; search by files; Album picture; user-defined effect Audio - Audio IC: ic top global cirrus, independent audio decoding - snr: noise ration: = 90dB video - size: medium avi h. 264, DIVX, XVID, rm, rmvb, MKV h. Asf, ts, tp, 3gp, mpg ect. = 30 formats video playing Internet Directly (while downloading) - play: up to 1920x1080 pixels, 30mb.

Auto-save function: yes, expediently watch all kinds of disc Continuously Bluetooth - hands free: yes - A2DP (Bluetooth stereo music): yes, can play stereo music through Bluetooth - Bluetooth music control: yes, play / pause / previous / next - bp-download: yes, can download Phonebook from mobile to this unit - bp-search: yes, can use the first letter to search contacting member in bp-listings - calling records: yes, dialed call, received call, missed call - setup: auto answer, auto connect, device name - built-in microphone: yes, on the front panel - external microphone jack: yes, on the back, external mic. Play by revolve, powerpoint media 40964096 pixels - wallpapers 5 live wallpapers 24 wallpapers standard bracket DIY wallpaper from gallery - apk install: Support android package install - media torque Pro (OBD2 & car): yes, you can connect a Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner tool to use this function - Support mirror link function: yes, medium screen mirroring from iphone and android smartphone setup - network & internet: wifi / hotspot / vPN / airplane fashion - connected devices: bluetooth settings and connecting - apps & notifications: apps info / notifications / app permissions / default apps, special app access - display: brightness level, wallpaper, font size, night display and touch assistive - wallpaper: wallpapers, live wallpapers, gallery - sound: key tone, volume, default notification sound, default alarm sound - storage: storage manager, internal shared storage and mobile storage - security & rentals:: rent / device admin apps / apps with access use - users & accounts: add account / to tomatically sync data - accessibility, yes - because settings: element / steering wheel keys / amplifier / navigation / driving settings / extra settings / factory settings - element: 8 panel light colors, supporting RGB combination - amplified: rock / pop / jazz / classic / flat / voice / custom - navigation: yes, navigation implementation options, monitoring, sound mode, mixing ratio, gps monitor - driving safety: allowed or watching video block, notifications in statusbar while driving. Network settings for app while driving - extra settings: extra settings: shutdown delay access When off, choose on / off automatically When playing music or usb sd inserted.

Choose reversing x-mirror, reversing volume, reversing trajectory display, radar car display and rear view ruler on / off When needed - factory settings: Code 3368, choose radio band, voice levels, canbus types and 88 open-unit-logos - google services & preferences - system: languages ​​& input / Date & time / backup / mcu & system updates / reset / about Machine - languages ​​& input: more than 180 languages ​​and choose input method - Date & time: setting the date & time by yourself or choose gPS / network-provided time & time zone - about machine: display parameter info. Input - the video in: one - rear-view video camera in: one - front-view camera video in: one - external microphone in: one - to the audio in: r / l - tpms box in: one - DTV box in: one - dab + box in: one - for DVR in: one output - video out: two - audio out: en / fl / rr / Services - surround stereo out: 445w - subwoofer out: one accessories - 1user's manual in English - cable 1power with quadlock connector - 1power cable with iSO connector - 1special canbus decoder box - 1RCA av cable - 2USB adapt cables - 1gps antenna - 1wifi & bt antenna - 116gb tF card. Symacshop nasce nel settembre 2010 con the obiettivo di offrire have properties clienti e prodotti tecnologici of avanguardia, selezionati da un'attenta e Mirata ricerca di tutto il mondo produttori in.

Registrati per avere he knew symacshop privilegio di scegliere, comodamente da casa e ora has qualsiasi, tra una gamma di prodotti vasta esclusivi difficilmente reperibili e nel negozio sotto casa o centro commerciale in qualsiasi ad un prezzo supercompetitivo! La nostra è una ricerca instancabile Mirata prodotto che sia al al produttore has livello overall, in mente a con unico obiettivo: portare nelle vostre box prodotti utili, sicuri ed innovativi. Symacshop seleziona dal mercato World i migliori prodotti e propone a catalogo con oltre 10.000 articoli costantemente aggiornato! I nostri prodotti scelti accuratamente, Superano numerosi test in cui if valutano parametri come qualità, sicurezza, competitività e dettaglio. Registrati, i prodotti aggiungi al carrello e conferma the Ordine.

Acquistare online non è mai stato così May easy! Per noi the acquisto è solo il primo passo.

Tutti i nostri clienti potranno usufruire di un costante ed Accurato servizio di assistenza, garanzia Italiana del prodotto e Sostituzione in caso di difetto. E if prodotto not soddisfa the vostre aspettative symacshop con siete soddisfatti o rimborsati! Siamo presenti anche sul sito internet seguente al indirizzo. Dai nostri un'occhiata have feedback, sinonimo garanzia di sicurezza e acquisti and whole! Qualora he cap di destino risultasse \Prolungarsi di alcuni giorni. The commerce is no soggetta ad oneri doganali alla consegna. The item \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.
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    Car Erisin Es4960pg 7 Android 9.0 Per Vauxhall Vivaro Opel Astra Corsa Za   Car Erisin Es4960pg 7 Android 9.0 Per Vauxhall Vivaro Opel Astra Corsa Za