Vauxhall Opel

Clutch Kit For Opel Corsa D Truck Z 13 Dtj Dtc A 13 13 13 Y Dt Valeo

Clutch Kit For Opel Corsa D Truck Z 13 Dtj Dtc A 13 13 13 Y Dt Valeo
Clutch Kit For Opel Corsa D Truck Z 13 Dtj Dtc A 13 13 13 Y Dt Valeo

Clutch Kit For Opel Corsa D Truck Z 13 Dtj Dtc A 13 13 13 Y Dt Valeo    Clutch Kit For Opel Corsa D Truck Z 13 Dtj Dtc A 13 13 13 Y Dt Valeo

Kit clutch opel d van dtj z 13 13 13 dtc dt y 13 Valeo. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation in French.

If you have questions please contact us. Clutch kit opel, opel van d, z dtj 13, 13 dtc, Corsa C Valeo 826773. 18.7 x 15.7. Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info. Delivery is available by DHL.

Use the information on motors and ymm vehicle compatibility table as a general guide. To avoid type mismatch when you doubt the compatibility or can not find the right item, contact asvela of support before buying. Strictly important to provide the lev with your detailed application because there may be different options for specific technical features to your car. The lev number to 17 characters (uppercase letters and numbers) can be found by looking at the dashboard on the driver side of the vehicle or the driver's door and watching the door jamb. F08 F68 w5l cadz 13 dtj 13 dtc z 13 y 13 dt dt Aisin ko004 ko012 ap automobile prod.

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The items must be returned in new condition unused, without installation and sign must contain all original materials (if any). All returned items will be tested before repayment. Damaged returned items will not be accepted. Items sent lubricated vacuum or movie can not be opened if retuns are issued. Once we have received your order, positive feedback will be automatically sent.

Please let us know if you have not received our comments, we will give feedback manually. We also greatly appreciate if you let us positive feedback with a score of 5 stars. If you think we deserve a neutral or negative feedback, please contact us before leaving feedback, give us a chance to do things right and let your most positive impression! To make your online shopping experience as simple as possible, we have a customer support team ready to help you find the right part for your car, or to help with any questions or concerns. Data Technical Reference 826,773 new manufacturer diameter Part 1 [mm] diameter 218 mm 2 [mm] 216 mm number of teeth 14 of the concentrator profile 18.7 x 15.7 without cylinder central information standard mail postage receiver pole to express écomomie / day numbers of standard mail postage information reference pole of écomomie express / overnight Returns 2.

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  1. reference number oe / oem: vcu475, nk, MAPCO, Aisin, automotive ap prod blue print <\/ li>.
  2. mileage: 0 <\/ li>
  3. Type unit: unit <\/ li>
  4. ean: 3276428267739 <\/ li>
  5. modified object: No <\/ li>
  6. Custom beam: No <\/ li>
  7. classical pieces: No. <\/ li>
  8. Brand: Valeo <\/ li>
  9. manufacturer part number: 826 773 <\/ li>
  10. warranty period: 12 months <\/ li>
  11. Unit amount: 1 <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Clutch Kit For Opel Corsa D Truck Z 13 Dtj Dtc A 13 13 13 Y Dt Valeo    Clutch Kit For Opel Corsa D Truck Z 13 Dtj Dtc A 13 13 13 Y Dt Valeo